Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missing Dog

We have been feverishly trying to find our little missing chihuahua for some time now with no results :'( His name is Cheech and he was in our back yard like he usually is during the daytime. I went to check on him like I always do and he didn't come to the door, which was strange because any noise from the door and he always comes running, but this time he didn't. So I went out to see what he was doing but the little guy was nowhere to be found. I got my brother and we went looking for him all around the neighborhood but couldn't even find a trace from Cheech. All the gates were locked in our back yard too and there was no blood or hair anywhere from a struggle... it's so strange its as if he vanished out of thin air. We put posters up everywhere and checked the shelters but he's no where to be found. Its been so devastating he was like our little baby and we don't even know if he is alive. We're worried because he is so small that if he got out and no one picked him up the coyotes or bobcats might have gotten him. Or someone picked him up and won't give him up or maybe he's still wandering around scared and hungry. It is agony not knowing where he is and if he is ok... :'(


  1. Cute doggy hope you find him.

  2. =( heart breaking. Good luck finding him man.

  3. Aw, that really sucks, man. I'd miss my pet to death if it got lost.