Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June is already dying

Summer has been going so fast! I can't believe that June is almost gone, quickly dwindling down to its last moments. :( It's funny how long we all wait in anticipation for summer to arrive and alleviate us from the clutches of school and yet when it is finally here its speeds by bringing us closer and closer to another fall semester.

But we must remember to cherish these hot sweaty summer days because once graduation comes around we'll have to get actual jobs and join the 'real world' never to have a free summer break again.... Kinda depressing...kinda REALLY depressing but at least we'll have mula from our jobs so we can plan bad ass vacations during the meager off day breaks... then again you can a crew PAID vacation days and how awesome would it be to be paid to go to the beach and get trashed or something :p

Monday, June 27, 2011


~~ Hiatus ~~

Hey all I'm sooooo sorry it has been so long since my last post. Unfortunately I have been a bit under the weather lately as I recently had oral surgery and had to have 4 impacted wisdom teeth dug out of my jaw bones. :( It was the first time I went under too... such a strange experience. It's scary because all at once the doctor and a bunch of nurses come into the room and start f*@%ing strapping you down in the chair, they put the IV in your arm, give you oxygen and have all the drills/scalpels ect on this tray in front of you and all of a sudden everything gets blurry and you wake up in some weird closet room laying down with ice packs strapped to your head 4 teeth short. Very weird somehow I had walked to the room and had my jacket put back on with out any memory of it. I now have 4 gaping holes (two on the top and two on the bottom) in my gums where my wisdom teeth used to be. They stitched them up but left holes so they wouldn't develop sepsis, but its really annoying seeing as whenever I try to eat any 'regular food' (anything other then my mush diet; pudding, jello, mashed potatoes ect.) I have to chew with my front teeth and food will get stuck in the holes! So when I gargle bits of food will come out.... uhhh soooo gross! lol I'm sure you all wanted to hear that :P On the plus side they did give my Vicodin... lovely lovely vicodin :D lol So once again I am terribly sorry for the gap in posts!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Awsome pic of the day!!!

Heat wave and coyotes!!!!!

I guess June gloom is taking a break in my area today because its friggen hot as hell! Yesterday it was cloudy and seemed like it was going to rain and today its scorching. I had to clean out my little turtle's tank and the water that spilled onto the concrete evaporated almost instantaneously. Crazyness! This wouldn't be so bad if we had a pool but instead we have the side of a small mountain full of wildlife. The coyotes have been getting bolder and bolder lately, I don't know if it is because of the weather fluctuations or what but they have been coming out in broad daylight. They are so cute and beautiful but at the same time they can be deadly. A couple of days ago me and my brother were coming home and a dog was chasing two coyotes down the street. We tried to follow them in the car to make sure the dog wasn't going to be mauled, seeing as our little chihuahua was bitten by a coyote and thank GOD he survived! It was really messy and I had to give in antibiotic shots in his puncture wounds with this plastic tubing. The scary thing is we couldn't find where the dog had gone that was chasing the two coyotes. We say the smaller of the two coyotes go back up our street and heard him calling for the rest of the pack to come down but we never found that dog:( He had a collar and we hope he just went home after the coyotes split up but it really makes you nervous to have pets outside now. :'(

Monday, June 13, 2011

Awesome pic of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Thoughts on Phlebotomy~

Drawing people's blood all day can get so repetitive, and yet every person you get its a new scenario. You never know if they're going to be an easy draw or have no usable veins at all. Old people and heavy people are usually the harder draws (except for kids of coarse). In heavier people half the time you cant see or feel any vein. This is never fun because those cases the veins are usually really deep so the whole needle has to go in to catch the vein (straights are more then an inch long too). Some older people you can see all their veins because their skin is paper thin, but that doesn't mean any of them are usable! It's always a little worry some when this happens because when your palpating for the vein it's sometimes hard to tell if its actually a vein or a tendon. The human body seems to soften with age making this a problem and you NEVER want to hit a tendon or bad BAD things will happen. Every time you call a new number for the patient to come in you never know what your going to get, so in this sense the phlebotomy hours are unpredictable and ever changing!

Phleb TUBES!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Time

It's hard to believe that today is already the 7th of June! It seems like I just got out of school, already the summer has begun to waste away. So many things to do in such a small amount of time. I really need to make the most of this summer too seeing as it will be my last... If things go the way they plan I'll be doing my hospital rotations next year leaving less then a month between my last school semester and the year of full time work and full time school at the hospital. My life will basically be owned by the hospital/school needing every waking moment to tend to the last agonizing stretch of my school career. So hence the terrible thought that this will indeed be my last full summer before the hospital and my actual career take the remaining summers away from me.... so I'd LOVE to hear any cheap interesting summer ideas you think I should do with my remaining time in the comments!!! Remember cheap because I'm a broke ass college student lol ;D Thanks for the love people!!!<3

Friday, June 3, 2011

time gap

I am soooo sorry for the time gap between my blog postings.... after finals week was over things got a little crazy. I moved back home for the summer and started my phlebotomy internship at the hospital. For those who don't know what that is, basically I preform venipunctures (drawing people's blood). It doesn't really have a whole lot to do with my profession seeing that once my hours are up I most likely will never do it again once I graduate and start my real job at the hospital. Nevertheless unfortunately they still make us do it. At first it I was really nervous but now it is almost second nature. I have rotated through the four different sections of the hospital we are required to do (general hospital, obstetrics=pregnant people, pediatrics=kids, and oncology=cancer people.) The worst by far was pediatrics... the screaming, dear god the screaming!!!!! lol but seriously that one was the worst so much screaming and crying you couldn't hear yourself think! Nearly everyone I worked with was really nice though and they helped to quell my initial nervousness. It's a real vampire's job, all you do is draw person after person taking their blood :) lol