Monday, June 27, 2011

~~ Hiatus ~~

Hey all I'm sooooo sorry it has been so long since my last post. Unfortunately I have been a bit under the weather lately as I recently had oral surgery and had to have 4 impacted wisdom teeth dug out of my jaw bones. :( It was the first time I went under too... such a strange experience. It's scary because all at once the doctor and a bunch of nurses come into the room and start f*@%ing strapping you down in the chair, they put the IV in your arm, give you oxygen and have all the drills/scalpels ect on this tray in front of you and all of a sudden everything gets blurry and you wake up in some weird closet room laying down with ice packs strapped to your head 4 teeth short. Very weird somehow I had walked to the room and had my jacket put back on with out any memory of it. I now have 4 gaping holes (two on the top and two on the bottom) in my gums where my wisdom teeth used to be. They stitched them up but left holes so they wouldn't develop sepsis, but its really annoying seeing as whenever I try to eat any 'regular food' (anything other then my mush diet; pudding, jello, mashed potatoes ect.) I have to chew with my front teeth and food will get stuck in the holes! So when I gargle bits of food will come out.... uhhh soooo gross! lol I'm sure you all wanted to hear that :P On the plus side they did give my Vicodin... lovely lovely vicodin :D lol So once again I am terribly sorry for the gap in posts!!!

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  1. Dude I'm dead afraid of getting put to sleep. I too had to have surgery before on one of my wisdom teeth only though and instead of being put to sleep I told them I wanted to stay awake. They just gave me two muscle relaxers before and numbed my mouth but I got to stay awake for the whole thing.