Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June is already dying

Summer has been going so fast! I can't believe that June is almost gone, quickly dwindling down to its last moments. :( It's funny how long we all wait in anticipation for summer to arrive and alleviate us from the clutches of school and yet when it is finally here its speeds by bringing us closer and closer to another fall semester.

But we must remember to cherish these hot sweaty summer days because once graduation comes around we'll have to get actual jobs and join the 'real world' never to have a free summer break again.... Kinda depressing...kinda REALLY depressing but at least we'll have mula from our jobs so we can plan bad ass vacations during the meager off day breaks... then again you can a crew PAID vacation days and how awesome would it be to be paid to go to the beach and get trashed or something :p

1 comment:

  1. yeah dude i'm saddened that 4th of july is this weekend, my girlfriend & i do long distance and i don't want this summer to pass because when we go back to university we'll be 3 hours apart instead of in the same town :(