Friday, June 3, 2011

time gap

I am soooo sorry for the time gap between my blog postings.... after finals week was over things got a little crazy. I moved back home for the summer and started my phlebotomy internship at the hospital. For those who don't know what that is, basically I preform venipunctures (drawing people's blood). It doesn't really have a whole lot to do with my profession seeing that once my hours are up I most likely will never do it again once I graduate and start my real job at the hospital. Nevertheless unfortunately they still make us do it. At first it I was really nervous but now it is almost second nature. I have rotated through the four different sections of the hospital we are required to do (general hospital, obstetrics=pregnant people, pediatrics=kids, and oncology=cancer people.) The worst by far was pediatrics... the screaming, dear god the screaming!!!!! lol but seriously that one was the worst so much screaming and crying you couldn't hear yourself think! Nearly everyone I worked with was really nice though and they helped to quell my initial nervousness. It's a real vampire's job, all you do is draw person after person taking their blood :) lol


  1. I'm in the same boat as you with school and trying to keep up with the blogging. They are both full time jobs!

  2. Wow, amazing. I know how you do it, but I cant bare to see a crying child in pain. I mean I know its for their health but I just have a soft heart for children. Then again, I get weak when I see my own blood... Keep up the good job, it will pay off.

  3. finals hits everyone hard, man.