Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heat wave and coyotes!!!!!

I guess June gloom is taking a break in my area today because its friggen hot as hell! Yesterday it was cloudy and seemed like it was going to rain and today its scorching. I had to clean out my little turtle's tank and the water that spilled onto the concrete evaporated almost instantaneously. Crazyness! This wouldn't be so bad if we had a pool but instead we have the side of a small mountain full of wildlife. The coyotes have been getting bolder and bolder lately, I don't know if it is because of the weather fluctuations or what but they have been coming out in broad daylight. They are so cute and beautiful but at the same time they can be deadly. A couple of days ago me and my brother were coming home and a dog was chasing two coyotes down the street. We tried to follow them in the car to make sure the dog wasn't going to be mauled, seeing as our little chihuahua was bitten by a coyote and thank GOD he survived! It was really messy and I had to give in antibiotic shots in his puncture wounds with this plastic tubing. The scary thing is we couldn't find where the dog had gone that was chasing the two coyotes. We say the smaller of the two coyotes go back up our street and heard him calling for the rest of the pack to come down but we never found that dog:( He had a collar and we hope he just went home after the coyotes split up but it really makes you nervous to have pets outside now. :'(

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