Monday, May 16, 2011


       Monday again....uhhh and the Monday of finals week too. So much to do so little time, you know its sad when you wish there was just one more day to study. Very sad when you want more time to spend it cramming haha. At the same time finals can be a nice thing seeing as soon as you walk up to turn in the test or when you walk away from giving a presentation that class will be over forever (assuming your passing that is haha). Never again will you have to trudge to that room for that specific class or study or do anything for it. The routine you spent your life in for the past 4 months will be over, all that work you put in will finally been sewn shut as you leave each final. Sad... but not that sad haha.

Friday, May 13, 2011

FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                *Stabby Stabby*       :D


My little Louie the turtle :D He's been so full on energy lately. Ever since I took him out of the tank to hold em for the picture he's been swimming/waddling all around his tank trying to see out. I think he got a taste of freedom when he got to see the wide outside of his little bowl. Haha now he tries to stand up against the class and strains his little neck too see out at any commotion.  Little Louie is still fascinated with the betas next to his bowl, right now he's up as high as he can with his nose pressed against the glass watching them. lol So cute!! :D I got some requests for a picture of the dinky winky guy so here he is!!

Cute picture of the day!!!!!!

Aww!!!!!!! So adorable! And yet he doesn't look too happy...  haha remember now, this burrito's fer lookin' not eatin' stick with those yummy delicious breakfast burritos!!!!!!!!!!  : D

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wonders of a Breakfast Burrito

Ahh the joys of a Breakfast Burrito!!! My school is getto but the coffee shop in the student union makes a MEAN Breakfast Burrito :D It's HUGE and stuffed with bacon, ham, eggs, cheese and thick crunchy hash browns. Plus they give you chips and salsa with it, what could be better????  Sooooo yummy it makes finals seem almost tolerable with one in hand....almost haha. But make sure your there well before 10:30 they're crazy about shutting down breakfast at that coffee place (Tulleys I'm fairly certain it is a chain so look for em and hopfully they will make those tortilla wrapped happpiness!). Last week I went there at 10:26 and they already stopped selling breakfast!!!! I still had 4 whole minutes... doesn't take that long to make a friggen burrito but still they refused. So I had to study in a 'lack of breakfast burrito rage.' Very sad, so if you want that glorious Breakfast Burrito goodness get there super early! And be happy with a tummy full of bacon :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awesome pic of the day!!!!!!!

Early Thanksgiving... See now we all can get along!!!!  :D


I bought a little baby turtle like a week ago at this getto dollar zone by by my school. His name is Louie and he's sooooo tiny!!! His shell is just a bit bigger then a quarter. Louie is smaller then the car alarm key chain I have so you can imagine how dinky he is :D I'm really happy because he has finally learned that I'm not going to eat him and when I go by his little bowl it means food time! He is finally starting to get comfortable now and he spends lots of time burrowing in the rocks and watching my two beta fish swim around in their tanks :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strange thoughts of the day................

The semester if finally coming to a end thank god!!!! uhh and then the phlebotomy drollness starts. Got to practice drawing people's blood today pretty cool, pretty morbid haha. The human body is such a beautiful thing and yet it can be so disgusting! It's such a complex, intricate piece of machinery. So many complicated things go on in our bodies that we aren't even conscious of until we begin to study them (for professional or person reasons). Just the conversion of glucose and other sugars into ATP (cell energy) through glycolysis and other pathways is incredibly complicated! So glad the biochemistry semester is over haha Who knew digesting a piece of bread was such a wonderment?