Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wonders of a Breakfast Burrito

Ahh the joys of a Breakfast Burrito!!! My school is getto but the coffee shop in the student union makes a MEAN Breakfast Burrito :D It's HUGE and stuffed with bacon, ham, eggs, cheese and thick crunchy hash browns. Plus they give you chips and salsa with it, what could be better????  Sooooo yummy it makes finals seem almost tolerable with one in hand....almost haha. But make sure your there well before 10:30 they're crazy about shutting down breakfast at that coffee place (Tulleys I'm fairly certain it is a chain so look for em and hopfully they will make those tortilla wrapped happpiness!). Last week I went there at 10:26 and they already stopped selling breakfast!!!! I still had 4 whole minutes... doesn't take that long to make a friggen burrito but still they refused. So I had to study in a 'lack of breakfast burrito rage.' Very sad, so if you want that glorious Breakfast Burrito goodness get there super early! And be happy with a tummy full of bacon :D

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  1. Never really liked burritos but that's making me hungry haha