Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strange thoughts of the day................

The semester if finally coming to a end thank god!!!! uhh and then the phlebotomy drollness starts. Got to practice drawing people's blood today pretty cool, pretty morbid haha. The human body is such a beautiful thing and yet it can be so disgusting! It's such a complex, intricate piece of machinery. So many complicated things go on in our bodies that we aren't even conscious of until we begin to study them (for professional or person reasons). Just the conversion of glucose and other sugars into ATP (cell energy) through glycolysis and other pathways is incredibly complicated! So glad the biochemistry semester is over haha Who knew digesting a piece of bread was such a wonderment?


  1. Human anatomy is very interesting. How everything works together or even against each other.. It is just amazing how we work.. You nailed it right on the head. We are super complex! Which leaves me perplexed..

  2. It's true man! There are so many macromolecules that our body is constantly interacting with. It boggles the mind.