Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st!!!!

Dang its already July!!! 4th of July weekend :D We have been hearing fireworks almost every night for more then a week where I live. (which is strange because I live in a place where they are illegal to shoot off because of environmental issues) You can hear that they are the illegal ones that must have been smuggled over the boarder (at least state :P) because they are the ones that shoot up in the air and explode. Some are bottle rockets and some are the mortar kind but both are dangerous in this area. Fireworks are so fun though!!!! Who doesn't like setting things on fire? Especially things that explode in different colors and whistles? lol Maybe I'm just a pyromanic but I'm going to shoot fireworks off with some family/friends this weekend down by the beach areas where its kosher to do so... yay fireworks!!!! :D
~~~Feel free to leave any of your firework experiences in the comments~~~

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